vihorlat mountainsの例文


  1. It lies at the volcanic Vihorlat mountains and at the confluence of the Laborec and Cirocha Rivers.
  2. There are around 175 naturally formed Morsk?oko and Vinn?jazero in Vihorlat Mountains or Jezersk?jazero in Spiask?Magura.
  3. It has also been reported from the Hautes-Alpes region in France and the Slansk?and Vihorlat mountains of Slovakia.
  4. In some places it is covered with younger deposits, for example in the Podhale basin in Poland, or in the Vihorlat Mountains in Slovakia.
  5. "' Snina "'is a town in Slovakia located at the confluence of the Cirocha river and the small river P olinka in the valley between the Beskydy foothills and the Vihorlat Mountains.


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