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  1. When it was played by hand it was known as the vihuela de mano.
  2. Vihuela de mano shared extreme similarities with the Renaissance guitar as it used hand movement at the sound hole or sound chamber of the instrument to create music.
  3. In about the year 1500 many Iberian lutenists adopted vihuela de mano, a viol-shaped instrument tuned like the lute, but both instruments continued in coexistence.
  4. Viols were first constructed much like the " vihuela de mano ", with all surfaces, top, back, and sides made from flat slabs or pieces of joined wood, bent or curved as required.
  5. Current members of the group are : Jairo Serrano ( voice, percussion ), Carlos Serrano ( early woodwinds ), and Juli醤 Navarro ( vihuela de mano, baroque guitar, theorbo ), as well as guest musicians.


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