vii reserve corpsの例文


  1. Reserve-Division " ) was a unit of the VII Reserve Corps and was recruited primarily in the Province of Westphalia.
  2. The envelopment began on 26 August and next day, Zwehl was ordered to conduct the attack on Maubeuge, with the VII Reserve Corps and the Namur were to be deployed between Givry and Solre.
  3. The Battle of the Marne began as the Maubeuge forts were stormed and during the Battle of the Aisne one of the VII Reserve Corps divisions arrived in time to join the German 7th Army, which closed a dangerous gap in the German line.
  4. In summary, VII Reserve Corps mobilised with 24 infantry battalions, 8 machine gun companies ( 48 machine guns ), 6 cavalry squadrons, 12 field artillery batteries ( 72 guns ) and 3 14th Reserve Division was slightly stronger than the norm as it included an active infantry brigade.


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