volcanoes in canadaの例文


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  1. Because of these concerns, significant support from Canadian university scientists have resulted in the construction of a baseline of knowledge on the state of volcanoes in Canada.
  2. Crow Lagoon is one of the top 10 volcanoes in Canada with recent The Volcano, Mount Silverthrone, Mount Meager, Wells Gray-Clearwater volcanic field and Mount Garibaldi.
  3. Tree-growth data has revealed an age of 400 years for Kostal Cone, making it the youngest volcano in the Wells Gray-Clearwater volcanic field and one of the youngest volcanoes in Canada.
  4. The Garibaldi Volcanic Belt in southwestern British Columbia is the northern extension of the Cascade Volcanic Arc in the United States ( which includes Mount Baker and Mount St . Helens ) and contains the most explosive young volcanoes in Canada.
  5. The latest volcanic eruption created a small tree-covered basaltic cinder cone at the east end of Kostal Lake called Kostal Cone perhaps as recently as 400 years ago, making it one of the youngest volcanoes in Canada based on tree-growth data.


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