volcanoes in new zealandの例文


  1. But List of volcanoes in New Zealand has 4 candidates on the South Island.
  2. There are active volcanoes in New Zealand . talk ) 09 : 10, 1 August 2012 ( UTC)
  3. Although relatively little-known, at Hauhungatahi is one of the highest volcanoes in New Zealand, exceeded in elevation by only Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe ).
  4. Also consider adding a link to the article in the appropriate list article, such as List of volcanoes in New Zealand, List of extraterrestrial volcanoes, etc . ( see : Category : Lists of volcanoes for current choices ).
  5. When a plate is subducted under another plate, it causes melting in the mantle, the layer of the earth below the crust, and produces a volcanic arc, composed of mainly andesitic and rhyolitic volcanoes in New Zealand, but often widely varying in composition depending on the type of island arc.


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