volcanogenic massive sulfide depositの例文


  1. Minerals present in a hydrothermal system or a fossil volcanogenic massive sulfide deposit are deposited passively or reactively.
  2. Volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits are forming today on the seafloor around undersea volcanoes along many mid ocean ridges, and within back-arc basins and forearc rifts.
  3. Volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits are distinctive in that ore deposits are formed in close temporal association with submarine volcanism and are formed by hydrothermal circulation and exhalation of sulfides which are independent of sedimentary processes, which sets VMS deposits apart from sedimentary exhalative ( SEDEX ) deposits.
  4. The most common minerals in ore-bearing associations of volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits deposits ( non-metamorphosed or oxidized ) and their modern analogues are pyrite, pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite, covellite, sphalerite, galena, tetrahedrite-tennantite, marcasite, realgar, orpiment, proustite-pyrargyrite, wurtzite, stannite ( carbonates ) quartz and native gold, and are differently distributed in the various associations schematized above.


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