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  1. He has also produced single mixes and remixes for acts including Metallica, Goldie, Collapsed Lung, Ultramarine and Wagon Christ.
  2. With the moniker Wagon Christ, Vibert released " Musipal " on Ninja, which " NME " called " an intriguing procession of cheeky collages ".
  3. Various refugees from avant-rock, like Scorn and Techno-Animal, and from techno, like Wagon Christ, have also strayed into trip-hop territory, combining sinister atmospherics with hypnotic rhythms.
  4. As a result of the popularity of the style in the early 1990s, Rising High commissioned an ambient music album from Vibert, who delivered the well-received " Phat Lab Nightmare " under the alias "'Wagon Christ "'in 1993.
  5. He would go on further over the next few years to produce more music under the Wagon Christ name for Rising High and Ninja Tune, as well as introducing more aliases such as "'Plug "'( drum and bass / jungle ), with the 1996 album'Drum and Bass for Papa'which gained critical acclaim.


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