1. The revision by Ignatius von Weitenauer, SJ, was published at Augsburg in twelve volumes from 1783 to 1789.
  2. In addition to the southern centre of uplifted terrain of the Black Forest that peaks in the Feldberg it also includes the deeply incised valleys that radiate away to the south and west as well as the Weitenau Foothills ( " Weitenauer Vorberge " ).
  3. The Southeastern Black Forest ( " S黡鰏tliche Schwarzwald ", 154 ) consists mainly of the catchment areas of the upper reaches of the Danube headstreams, the Brigach and Wiese above L鰎rach rises the relatively small Bunter Sandstone-Rotliegendes table of the Weintenau Uplands ( " Weitenauer Bergland " ) in the extreme southwest of the Black Forest; morphologically, geologically and climatically it is separate from the other parts of the Southern Black Forest and, in this classification, is also counted as part of the High Black Forest.


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