wet gateの例文


  1. A wet gate is filled with a fluid that coats the film as it is fed through, constantly replenishing the fluid as needed.
  2. Wet gate printing eliminates the refraction itself by filling in the gouges in the substrate with a fluid such as perchloroethene that shares approximately the same refractive index as the substrate.
  3. The interpositive is printed with a wet gate, contact print that has been done in " liquid ", and historically has had only one purpose, namely, to be the element that is used to make the internegative.
  4. It is therefore still diffuse when it exits, ensuring an image of the scratch will not show up as strongly on the new print . ( Only the desired image on the surface of the emulsion ends up being captured in focus . ) However, it cannot remove deep scratches, and is thus less effective than wet gate printing.


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