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  1. In 1995, Bolke and cofounder Chris Whanger opened Avant Garden, a boutique flower shop in Highland Park Village.
  2. Danin collaborated with Alan and Mary Whanger of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, said a Hebrew University statement.
  3. Wouldn't piss in Faintes'ear if his brain was on fire, but for you, my whanger is in your pocket anytime.
  4. While the radiocarbon date represented an accurate reading of the sample, the sample itself may have been contaminated, said Alan D . Whanger, of the Duke University Medical Center, an expert on the shroud.
  5. Hebrew University Prof . Avinoam Danin, an expert on the plant life of the Land of Israel, was asked in 1995 by Dr . Alan Whanger _ a Duke University medical lecturer _ and his wife Mary to study images of flowers on the shroud.


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