winchuck riverの例文


  1. The northern boundary of the park is the Winchuck River.
  2. They run from the Chetco River to their north to the Winchuck River to their South.
  3. Winchuck River Road runs along or near the north side of the river for much of its course.
  4. Further downstream, the Winchuck receives Moser Creek and the South Fork Winchuck River, both from the left . The river then leaves Oregon, flowing in Del Norte County, California, for a short distance before re-entering Oregon.
  5. By comparison, sites on the Winchuck River, the Clackamas, and the North Santiam all scored 95, and a site at a pump station on Klamath Strait Drain between Upper Klamath Lake and Lower Klamath Lake recorded the lowest score in Oregon at 19.


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