1. On his way to the last named place Levinsohn stopped at Kaminka, the estate of Prince Witgenstein, the Russian field-marshal.
  2. The eldest son of the celebrated Russian Prince Peter of Sayn and Wittgenstein, he was half-Polish through his mother and was formally known in Russian as "'Lev Petrovich Witgenstein " '.
  3. It ends with Boris'death which is brought about not by poison but by the general anemia of a guilty man who comes to the realization of what a mistake his crime had been, " Tolstoy wrote in a letter to Princess Saine-Witgenstein on 17 October 1869.
  4. *interesting, my best comments disappear from this page aftr i put them, since im obviously the one accused in this witchhunting trial on system sciences i hoped that at least the rules of a fair debate would exist in this place and you would keep my arguments . . . in any case i would apply to most of this comments without any depth the old witgenstein motto : shut up if you have nothing relevant to say.


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