with successの例文


  1. no . right after you solve a case you're flushed with success .
    事件を解決した直後は 成功して興奮してるんだ
  2. however , he didn ' t have a great result as the former vassal of the uesugi clan , narimasa nagano fought back with success ..
  3. worried about it , yoritomo appointed yoshitsune for the duty , judging that the short decisive battle could be inevitable , and yoshitsune responded it with success by organizing the warriors in western japan and destroyed the taira clan in the battles of yashima and dannoura .
  4. he was exceedingly brave , earned his first battle stripes in engagements against tomonori kitabatake and tomofusa kitabatake , and campaigned with success in attacks on okawachi castle in ise province in 1569 , the battle of anegawa in 1570 , asakura attacks and siege of odani castle in 1573 , the ise-nagashima attacks in 1574 , and the battle of nagashino in 1575 etc .


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