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  1. After arriving in paris montblanc remarkably became japanese consul general with the approval of napoleon iii .
  2. Accordingly , gosaga also decided the following heir to the imperial throne with the approval of the kamakura bakufu .
  3. In 842 , fujiwara no yoshifusa committed the imperial prince tsunesada deposition incident (the jowa incident ) with the approval of emperor ninmyo .
  4. The third chief priest , kakunyo (1270-1351 ): succeeded rusushiki of otani mausoleum with the approval of lay followers in eastern provinces in 1310 .
    第三代 覚如 (1270~1351) …延慶3年(1310年)、東国(関東)の門徒の了承を得て、大谷廟堂留守職継承。
  5. After the downfall of the rokkaku clan , nobunaga oda dispatched a daikan (local governor ) to otsu with the approval of yoshiaki ashikaga and brought the region under his rule .


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