work noiseの例文


  1. Study on the working noise in bypc and the effects caused by working noise on the workers vestibular and auditory function
  2. Lubricate , abrasion - resisting , decrease wear , extend service life of compressor , decrease working noise , improve refrigerating effect
  3. G . leaf s round wears away from the is small , maintained conveniently ; the working noise is lower than 75 decibels and dust pollution is little . vertical impactiong crusher . pcl - impact crusher . sand - making machines
  4. The press is ingenious in design , hign quality in materials , with features as fine workmanship , handsome appearance , compact structure , higher work pressure , lower work noise , and equipped with single skip . controlled temperature , electric autotimer , so that it will be reliable is operation and easy to repair
  5. Meanwhile , j53 - 1600c model is designed to have rushing - board brake to endow braking with higher sensitivity , reliability and convenience for adjustment ; platform is designed to gain more rigidity to make the press operate more smoothly with great decreasing of working noise ; automatic lubrication system is designed to make lubricating during operation more reliable


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