work normの例文


  1. Party and government officials set wage scales and work norms.
  2. Though formalized, the union held responsibility for setting work norms, through negotiating with management, protecting workers from management caprice, and enforcing GDR labor code and worker protections.
  3. Within this complicated background, the decision to raise the work norms ( in short the principle'more work for the same salary') was perceived as a provocation, which would conceivably lead to the deterioration of living standards.
  4. Others asked why Frenkel received priority service and cheap prices at SLON shops ( one of which had been opened in Kem as if he were the owner; yet more queried why SLON had become so commercialised that it neglected its other tasks : all re-educational work in the camp had ceased; prisoners were being held to unfair work standards; and when prisoners mutilated themselves in protest at the work norms their cases were not investigated.


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