work of defenceの例文


  1. Requiring all men to obey their captains, work of defence works and provide their own weapons.
  2. The series follows the work of defence barrister Henry Farmer ( Alan Davies ), whose complicated personal life manages to overlap into his work.
  3. Wrottesley was secretary of the defence committee of the war office, 1856 60; of the committee on the influence of rifled artillery on works of defence, 1859; and of the committee on the storage of powder in magazines, 1865.
  4. The charge of the colonial convict prisons was transferred to Du Cane in 1869 . An advocate of using prison labour for works of national utility, ( on which he read a paper before the Society of Arts in 1871 ) Du Cane provided for the carrying out by convicts of the breakwater and works of defence at Portland, the docks at Portsmouth and Chatham, and additional prison accommodation.


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