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  1. Yell threatened Yellowikis with legal action in July 2006, claiming that consumers would confuse the two organisations.
  2. In July 2006, Yell threatened Yellowikis with legal action, claiming that people will confuse the two organisations.
  3. Either restore Encyclopedia Dramatica or delete TV IV, Wikinfo, Wikitrtuh, Yellowikis and the other less notable wikis that somehow are allowed here.
  4. From 9 to 14 October 2006, the domain address redirected to the new Owikis website, which stated " The trademark dispute between Yell Limited and Paul Youlten concerning the Yellowikis website has been satisfactorily resolved ".
  5. Yellowikis was Radiant !, on September 2, at Wikipedia : Articles for deletion / Yellowikis, the argument was that the wiki was very small and that the article was advertising, spam or at least not notable.


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