yes girlの例文


  1. Miller performed " yes girl " and " A Song Like You " numerous times on the Revival Tour.
  2. Swirlies eventually released " Cats of the Wild, Vol . 2 " on Bubblecore Records in 2003, collecting new material alongside revamped studio versions of Yes Girls songs, plus outtakes from Swirlies'early 90s recordings.
  3. The endeavor culminated in the release of the home-made album " Damon Andy Rob Ron : The Yes Girls " in 2000 on Sneaky Flute Empire / Pehr and a limited edition live album on Sneaky Flute Empire.
  4. Swirlies offshoot "'The Yes Girls "'( the core lineup but with Lavender Diamond's Ron Reg?on drums ) toured the U . S . with Timonium, and in Denmark as an opener for Mew on their " Half the World is Watching Me " tour.


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