1. Yumihiko is assigned to prosecute under Mikagami's direction, but Edgeworth still investigates.
  2. Saginuma Rika, Shimada Nanaka, Tsukumura Yumihiko, and biology teacher Katano Reichi meet in a chatroom, where they go by the screennames 11, Polaris, Mr . Money, and Jangalian.
  3. SMta Sarushiro, a friend of NaitM, is suspected of the murder, but Edgeworth's attempt to investigate is stymied when judge Mikagami assigns prosecutor Yumihiko Ichiyanagi to the case in Edgeworth's place.
  4. When Edgeworth is called to defend himself against the committee, Mikagami reveals Bansai Ichiyanagi, the head of the investigation committee and Yumihiko's father, as the auctioneer and the one responsible for legal corruption in his former position as chief prosecutor.


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