zinc poisoningの例文


  1. One of the aquarium's gators died in 1998 of zinc poisoning from pennies thrown into its tank.
  2. Pennies swallowed in large numbers may cause zinc poisoning, which in dogs leads to severe gastroenteritis and hemolytic anemia.
  3. The zoo's chief veterinarian, Dr . Roberto Aguilar, and Lott developed the gastroscopy technique after one of the signature white alligators at the Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans died of zinc poisoning, from pennies thrown into its tank.
  4. Galvanized ( zinc plated ) mesh is frequently used for outdoor aviaries; it is necessary to use only galvanized-after-welding mesh and to scrub it with vinegar to remove loose pieces of zinc, which greatly reduces any risk of zinc poisoning from the mesh.


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