consequence 意味

発音記号: [ 'kɔnsikwəns ]発音を聞く   consequenceの例文
  • as a consequence:    結果{けっか}としてHe crashed his new luxury car and as a consequence, he had to buy another cheap one. 彼は新しい高級車で衝突事故を起こし、その結果、安い車を買い直さなければならなかった。
  • as a consequence of:    ~の結果として、~のゆえに
  • in consequence:    その結果{けっか}、したがってI drank too much last night. In consequence, I have a hangover today. 昨夜飲み過ぎた結果、今日は二日酔いだ。


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  1. now , some of you will have noticed that the consequence
  2. every creative act has its destructive consequence , will .
  3. that's no consequence to you really , is it watson ?
    君には関係ないだろう ワトソン?
  4. because it's very possible that as a consequence of a war
  5. but actually , the unintended consequence of this
    しかし 結果は意図しなかったものでした


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