off on a rant 意味

  • 《be ~》熱弁{ねつべん}を振るう
  • rant:    rant v. わめく, どなり立てる.【副詞2】He ranted on for twenty minutes. 20分もわめき続けた.【+前置詞】He began to rant about the number of immigrants in the country.国内の移民の数について大げさに言い立てはじめたShe was ranting against the moral dec
  • rant on:    わめきちらす
  • foulmouthed rant:    口汚い暴言{くちぎたない ぼうげん}


  1. all you had to do was mention the bunsen burner and he was off on a rant .
    ブンゼンバーナーと 言うたびに大騒ぎだ


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