1. big mess at the coronet hotel .
  2. it wears armor knitted from chains (kinsako (金鎖甲 ), and protective gear called ebigote (海老籠手 ) over the arms , as well as a coronet on the head .
  3. a chinese book contains a record concerning the costume of awata no mahito , which states that he ' wore coronet of office with floral decoration and a purple robe tide with a silk sash ,' and seems to have been equivalent to raifuku .
  4. the coronet on her head is splendid with silver amida nyorai-zo (the statue of amitabha tathagata ) on the front and many pieces of jewelry and fretworks as decoration; although we cannot normally see the statue closely , it is known as one of the best industrial arts of the nara period .
  5. the differences between the chinese chofuku and the japanese raifuku such as japanese headdress with floral decoration which looked like a coronet of office , and a silk sash in place of a leather belt were summarized , and at the same time illustrated that the style of raifuku drawn in records dating after the heian period were faithfully handed down from raifuku in the nara period .


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